4 Holiday Gifts for the Foodies in Your Life

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Foodie holiday gift collection

You could buy your foodie friends gourmet popcorn, artisanal hot chocolate or the latest kitchen gizmo. Or, you could honor them with a gift that provides others with the practical tools they need to survive and rebuild their lives in the wake of war or disaster. The IRC helps people affected by crisis to restore or establish livelihoods, such as farming, that can provide nourishment for their families as well as vital income.

These Rescue Gifts from the IRC will be welcome at any holiday table.

A Baby Goat

A Baby Goat

Losing livestock can be devastating for rural families. A baby goat can help a family rebuild after disaster.
A Community Garden

A Community Garden

In a community garden, refugees can use their own time-honored agricultural traditions to set down roots in a new land.
Honeybee Harvest Kit

Honeybee Harvest Kit

Honey harvested with the help of modern beekeeping tools can provide extra income for struggling farmers.
Seeds for Hunger Relief

Seeds for Hunger Relief

In places like South Sudan, seeds can enable farmers to feed their communities. A small seed can save many lives.

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  • $90 - A Baby Goat
  • $60 - A Community Garden
  • $72 - Honeybee Harvest Kit
  • $80 - Seeds for Hunger Relief
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