Gifts for Dad

Honor great Dads
Father's Day Gifts from the International Rescue Committee

Join us in celebrating courageous dads around the world by dedicating one of these meaningful gifts to the special dad in your life this Father's Day.

By honoring him with gifts from our Father's Day Collection, you can help brave and loving fathers rebuild their homes and communities after a disaster; keep their families safe; give their sons and daughters an education; and prepare warm meals for their loved ones.

Honor the dads in your life with your purchase of Rescue Gifts from this collection. Buy all 5 gifts today.

Toolbox for Disaster Recovery

Toolbox for Disaster Recovery

Clearing the roads and rehabilitating towns after an earthquake, typhoon or other disaster goes faster with the right tools.
Dedicate a Year of School for a Boy.

A Year of School

Being in a classroom gives conflict-affected children a sense of normalcy and hope as they continue to learn and plan for a brighter future.

Emergency Cookstoves

A propane-powered cookstove can help uprooted families prepare their own warm meals—a comforting step on the road to recovery.
Emergency Toilet. Prevents the spread of disease, preserves dignity.

Emergency Toilet

In refugee camps, a private and hygienic toilet stops the spread of disease and helps provide safety and dignity.
Give Safe Passage in honor of loved ones

Safe Passage

Safe transportation and critical protection information can keep refugee families out of harm’s way.

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  • $45 - Emergency Toilet
  • $36 - Safe Passage
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