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This year, give the favorite teacher in your life a gift that gives back—an education Rescue Gift from the International Rescue Committee.

When children are forced to flee a conflict or natural disaster, they can miss years of learning. The IRC’s emergency classrooms help to fill that educational gap and provide much-needed structure. For refugees returning home, we help to rebuild and supply schools that have been destroyed.

Here's a list of gifts teachers will enjoy that can not only help children in need get an education—they might even earn you an "A".

School Supplies

School Supplies

A backpack of school supplies, along with caring guidance and support, can help ease a refugee child’s transition to a new school.
A Safe Space for Children - Rescue Gift

Safe Space for Children

Children traumatized by disaster and displacement need a safe space to play and heal.
Teaching Supplies

Teaching Supplies

Brave, committed teachers who reach out to educate and inspire kids in crisis zones need all the support they can get.
Donate a new classroom

A New Classroom

War can wreck and empty schools. Filling a classroom with chairs, tables, chalkboards — and eager students – can revive learning and restore hope.

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  • $20 - School Supplies
  • $80 - Safe Space for Children
  • $125 - Teaching Supplies
  • $240 - A New Classroom
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