Gifts That Empower Women & Girls

Gifts that Empower Women
Mother's Day gifts that rescue lives.

Women are often the toughest people on Earth, so the IRC honors them every day. You can support strong women around the world by dedicating one of these meaningful gifts to the special women and girls in your life.

Your gift will help women around the world have healthy pregnancies and safe births; give their children an education; survive a crisis; and start small businesses to support their families.

Recognize the strength of the women in your life—and around the world— with your purchase of Rescue Gifts from this collection — Buy this collection.

Donate a newborn baby kit

A Newborn Baby Kit

These kits mean more moms will have a healthy and safe delivery and the supplies they need to care for their precious newborns.
Safe Childbirth

A Safe Birth

Mothers living in crisis zones face life-threatening risks when trying to give birth. A few key, clean supplies can make childbirth safer.
A Healthy Pregnancy

A Healthy Pregnancy

Every day, 800 women die during pregnancy or childbirth—often from preventable causes. We train midwives to provide lifesaving care.
Year of School

A Year of School

Millions of girls around the world are denied schooling. A year of education can give a girl a chance at a better, brighter life.
Women's Safety and Wellness Kit

Women's Dignity Kits

Women often enter refugee camps vulnerable and alone. A flashlight, security whistle and basic toiletries can protect health and dignity.
Women's Small Business Training

Women's Small Business Training

Small business training helps female entrepreneurs turn their ideas into assets, and play a vital role in rebuilding local economies.

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  • $58 - A Year of School
  • $80 - Women's Dignity Kits
  • $192 - Women's Small Business Training
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