Why Rashida Jones Wants You to Give Rescue Gifts This Holiday Season

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Rashida Jones

Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones is using her voice to raise awareness about the humanitarian needs of refugees and others uprooted by crisis around the world.

In Oprah’s O Magazine last year, Rashida offered a great idea for making a difference during the holidays -- by giving Rescue Gifts!

The Rescue Gifts suggested below can provide lifesaving assistance to refugees in places like Thailand, where Rashida visited an IRC-run camp for Burmese refugees and saw our humanitarian work up close.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito Nets

Malaria kills a child every 60 seconds. A simple mosquito net can stop the spread of this deadly disease.
Emergency Medical Transport

Emergency Medical Transport

In crisis regions, a complicated pregnancy can be fatal. Quick transportation to a good hospital can ensure a safer delivery.
Community Health Worker Training

Community Health Worker Training

An intensive training course transforms crisis-stricken refugees into health care providers for their own communities.

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  • $18 - Mosquito Nets
  • $60 - Emergency Medical Transport
  • $335 - Community Health Worker Training
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